Do You Ever Dream?

A collection of contemporary pop, gospel and art songs, co-written with composer Gary William Friedman, Do You Ever Dream was Stevie’s debut CD as a singer/lyricist. While performing in an off-Broadway production of the show The Last Supper, she was inspired to create a collection of universal songs dealing with faith, hope and love, transcendent of any particular religion.

track list

  1. You’ll Be There
  2. Do You Ever Dream?
  3. Visions
  4. One Little Miracle
  5. If It’s Only Love
  6. It Can’t Be You
  7. Every Road
  8. Faith
  9. The Light of God
  10. Benediction
One Little Miracle
One Little Miracle
It Can't Be You
It Can't Be You
The Light of God
The Light of God

production personnel / performers

Gary William Friedman, John Rollo, Darryl Redmond and Lugo, producers/arrangers

Darryl Redmond, piano/keyboards
Art Labriola, piano/keyboards
Kevin Lewis, drums/drum programming
Darius Lauth, guitar

The Redmonds (Henry, Craig, Mildred and Darryl), background vocals
Gary Morris, Cullen Titmas, Carla Woods, background vocals

Alison Gordon, violin
Ralph Farris, violin
Andrea Schultz, viola
Greg Hesselink, cello

liner notes